Kisha is a faculty member in the General Education and Liberal Studies Department at Centennial College. Kisha is currently pursuing a PhD at York University, focusing on gender equity education and the impact of social media on development of identity of black girls.


Solace for Superheroes came out of idea to provide a space of reflection and comfort for women who are doing their best to follow their dreams. Kisha is the editor and curator of the blog.


Thursica is a doctoral candidate and Vainer scholar at the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa. Her research interests include citizenship and refugee education, gender equality, and post-conflict education. Thursica is also an elementary school teacher with the Toronto District School Board where she works with special education students and English language learners.


Maxine works full-time as an Administrator at a Toronto area university. Maxine has a BA in Communication and Sociology from York University and plans to begin her MEd in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto in Fall 2016.  Her writing interests are focused on gender, identity and body image.


Meaghan is a regular contributor to Solace for Superheros. She is a queer, cis-woman feminist. She has earned a Master’s of Social Work, and works in Toronto as a Psychotherapist with women survivors of violence.

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